Our History

In 2008 & 2010 HOPE of the Grand Valley assisted individuals and families that were already receiving public assistance (food stamps, housing, TANF) with furniture, household items, food, Christmas gifts and Christmas Dinners. As time went on, we found we were not really making a difference in these family’s lives; we were just adding to what they were already receiving.

In January 2011 HOPE of the Grand Valley took a step back and re-evaluated our programs. The true gap we found was with our working families, those NOT receiving government assistance. We found that these families are the ones that we could really make a difference in their lives by giving them a true hand up, not just a hand out. This is when we revised our Mission: “HOPE of the Grand Valley's mission is to provide support and a hand up to hard-working parents and their children.” This group that tends to fall through the cracks, making too much to qualify for government assistance, but working hard nonetheless to try to get ahead. It's a situation that creates an uncertain future. By partnering with HOPE of the Grand Valley, these families will be able to achieve better outcomes and offer their children hope for a more stable future.

Since 2008 approximately 5200 Grand Valley residents have been assisted through this effort to provide food, furniture, emergency assistance, classes, individual coaching and Christmas meals and presents. Out of those 5200 people, 85% are Children being positively impacted through the assistance we provide their parents. It is required by HOTGV guidelines that families served must have children under the age of 16 in their home (birth certificates/social security cards are required)

We are truly excited to see the growth in our families. They are becoming stronger, more confident and many are now debt free due to our budget classes. Our families are not only receiving an education, food and other assistance; but they are our most loyal volunteers for our events! This year we saw the need to add another opportunity for our families, school supplies! These a huge budget busters (our families do not qualify for the other school supply assistance available through District 51 or other programs) We are happy to we were able to provide all of our children with the supplies they needed, as well as backpacks and lunch boxes.

The overall mission of HOPE has evolved over the years, but what remains constant is the effort to help those already working hard to brighten the future of their families.

We are here to give a hand up to people that are working tirelessly, paying their bills, and doing everything in their power to provide their children with food, clothing, and shelter. But many times, these families fall short and a hand up and caring support is all they need to move forward.

Our approach is different than most. Through HOPE of the Grand Valley, all qualifying families are given the opportunity to take advantage of services HOPE of the Grand Valley has available, including budget coaching, resume and interview preparation, life skills, career counseling and ongoing support. HOPE of the Grand Valley is here for our families as they walk through life.
We have found that providing guidance in these critical areas creates a clearer path to a more prosperous and successful future and in turn allows HOPE of the Grand Valley to continue our journey to helping those who just need a hand up.

At the core of HOTGV’s effort is the belief that people can rise from poverty, chemical dependency and dysfunctional family cycles through encouragement, empowerment, accountability and self-sufficiency.