Vicki McGee

Vicki has lived on the Western Slope for over 30 years and calls the Grand Junction valley her home. She has overcome many challenges in her life and understands first- hand what it is like to suffer at the hands of a spouse, both physical and verbal abuse over many years. She knows very well how difficult it is to leave, and break the destructive cycle many women face that are challenged to overcome the devastating effects of domestic violence. Vicki strongly believes, as a survivor, she is now in a position to live out her passion to give others guidance, support and encouragement to finally free themselves from this debilitating problem.

Vicki also identifies with the challenges of being a single mom, as she too had a baby to raise on her own. She was on government assistance for her baby for one month when she decided she would rather make the sacrifices necessary to be solely responsible for the upbringing of her daughter. She worked hard as a radio disc jockey for 10 years and changed the direction of her life by intentionally making better choices.

It can be said that Vicki has a genuine heart and passion for people who do everything possible to better themselves, by working, budgeting and embracing hope. She believes with a positive attitude, willingness to receive advice and work hard - the sky is the limit for anyone in any circumstance.

Vicki founded Hope Of the Grand Valley with these purposes in mind and has successfully provided help to many families on the brink of poverty. .

Vicki is uniquely gifted with her experience and in her unshakable compassion to help under-privileged families. Her vision to come alongside those who have suffered greatly, but are genuinely motivated to improve their lives, is effective and growing with each day. The western slope of Colorado is fortunate to have such an amazing leader in the community who truly makes a difference for those less fortunate!

"I have a true passion for our community and for parents that will do whatever it takes to provide for their children, whether that means working long hours and sometimes even more than one job. These are HOPE of the Grand Valley families. I applaud and I am in awe of these parents that are working so hard to not only providing for their children, but to make life even better for them.
In my more than 30 years in the Grand Valley, I came to realize, there is little to no help for this group of individuals. With the help of wonderful mentors and this great community, HOPE of the Grand Valley has made a significant impact in our valley. It is my great joy to welcome new families into HOPE of the Grand Valley as I have the opportunity to watch them grow and become even more successful!

What a great honor it is for me to watch them grow, and become a community of their own. I love it that our families are also our volunteers and they have become their own supporters!! It is a true privilege to celebrate their successes with them! I am truly grateful to be a part of their lives."

Vicki McGee
HOPE of the Grand Valley