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Our families are given the opportunity to take advantage of the many services and programs we have available. We have families that have been able to purchase their first home, and many more are close to reaching that goal as well! HOPE of the Grand Valley is here for families as they walk through life. We have found that providing guidance creates a clearer path to a more prosperous and successful future, and in turn, allows HOPE of the Grand Valley to continue our journey of helping those who just need a hand up.
Budget classes
Life Skills
Marriage and relationships
Parenting skills
How to clean up your credit
Stress management
Shopping on a budget
Meal planning on a budget
Anxiety, Depression & Anger 
Dealing with Stress
Setting Goals
Job and interview preparation
Getting Organized
Resume building
Dealing with COVID-19
Mom’s Support Groups
Dad’s Support Groups
Family Support Groups
"The moms I have met and the support has been outstanding. I am learning so many things and have caught up on most of my bills with the budgeting skills and learning that other moms have some of the same struggles I do is so comforting.
I am trying to overcome my insecurities and believe that I am good enough and only have positive influences in my life. Being a single mom is tough, being an abuse survivor is tough, feeling like you are good enough is tough, but HOPE of the Grand Valley is helping me be tough enough and be proud of what I can accomplish!"

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