Adopt a Family for Christmas Program

At HOPE of the Grand Valley, we're committed to helping working families who are struggling to make ends meet, especially during the holiday season. Our Adopt a Family for Christmas program is designed to assist these families by providing them with gifts, needed items, and grocery store gift cards.

Here's how the program works:

Families who are interested in participating must complete an application and provide information about their situation and family income.
We ask that families provide us with a reasonable Wish List, as well as a list of needed items such as coats, boots, socks, and underwear.
For children 10 and under, we encourage parents to share their child's Christmas wish list with us.
We're also asking local businesses with minimum wage employees to distribute invitations to apply.
Once we receive the applications, our team at HOPE will review each one and select families based on qualifications. Adopters are then matched with a family and provided with information to help them fulfill the family's needs.

We ask that each adopter provide:

A minimum of one wrapped gift for each family member, and a Santa gift for children 10 and under.
Adopters may give more than one gift per family member if they choose.
A grocery store gift card to help the family purchase their Christmas dinner.
In return, HOPE provides adopters with the following information:

The family's situation, including any special needs.
Gift ideas for each family member, as well as their clothing size, favorite color, hobbies, and interests.
Santa wish list for children 10 and under.If you know of a family in need, please encourage them to apply for our Adopt a Family for Christmas program.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of underemployed families this holiday season.