Vicki McGee

I have a true passion for our community and for parents that will do whatever it takes to provide for their children, whether that means working long hours and sometimes even more than one job. These are HOPE of the Grand Valley families. I applaud and I am in awe of these parents that are working so hard to not only providing for their children, but to make life even better for them.In my more than 30 years in the Grand Valley, I came to realize, there is little to no help for this group of individuals. With the help of wonderful mentors and this great community, HOPE of the Grand Valley has made a significant impact in our valley. It is my great joy to welcome new families into HOPE of the Grand Valley as I have the opportunity to watch them grow and become even more successful!What a great honor it is for me to watch them grow, and become a community of their own. I love it that our families are also our volunteers and they have become their own supporters!! It is a true privilege to celebrate their successes with them! I am truly grateful to be a part of their lives.

Sue Tuffin
Retired Human Services

Throughout my 50+ years in a variety of different positions in the Human Services field, I have been blessed to work with a multitude of community organizations which were devoted to providing services to those in need. Hope of the Grand Valley is the only one that is solely committed to providing a hand up to those working families who are striving to remain independent of public assistance and to continue moving forward to stablize their families. As a single mother who worked multiple jobs getting through college, I am well aware how much of a difference a little help and compassion can make when you are striving to hold your life together. I'm honored to be part of an organization such as Hope that truly makes a difference in families' lives.

Crys Erikson
Elam Construction/former HOPE family
For 16 years I was “stuck” in an abusive relationship. The verbal and mental abuse affected not only me but my children as well. During those years, I left 12 times but always found myself going back because I was unable to care for my children, the way I needed to. With no financial support from their Father and no financial support from the State, I struggled trying to make ends meet. I wanted so desperately to get away from all the negativity and manipulation that my kids and I endured and start a new life.
I looked into so many options to get help.
In the fall of 2014, I had had enough. I was told about a TV commercial that talked about helping working families who were struggling. I checked into it and was then introduced to HOPE of The Grand Valley. With their help in counseling myself and my children, scheduling classes for busy parents and kids, meal prep for families on a budget, anger and stress management classes, assistance with monthly groceries, the Christmas Program and the budget classes, I was able to obtain the tools needed to finally leave the abuse and start over like I had wanted for a very long time.
After a year of being a HOPE Family, my children were both old enough to work and I was in a position where I was making more money and was doing ok on my own. My children and I continued to volunteer our time for the program and became close to many other HOPE Families as well. I was honored to have been asked to be on the Board of Directors. There really are no words to describe just how much HOPE changed our lives. I will continue to advocate for the HOPE program and what it has done for my family and the families of many others..

Becky Lee
Broker/Owner BL Realty

B.L. Realty is committed to giving back to our community.
When the opportunity came to serve on
the board for Hope of the Grand Valley
I jumped at the chance. Their mission statement "provide a hand up not a hand out" speaks to me in many ways. This ties directly to what we at B.L. Realty want to support in our community.
On a personal level it speaks to me because when my husband and I first started our journey together and brought children into our life we had to make difficult choices so we could be there for our family.
Family is the most important part of life. It is such a blessing to be part of an organization where we can build relationships with families and help them grow to create a stronger home.
I look forward to my service on the board offering support when and where needed.

Board of Directors