HOPE of the Grand Valley
P.O. Box 532
Fruita, CO  81521​
(970) 778-4880

Our focus is on the working parents with children. These families work tirelessly to make ends meet. But, when a crisis strikes or they’re hit with an unexpected expense they often come up short. Our hope is to give them HOPE to fill the gap. We strive to deliver a hand up, not a handout.
HOPE of the Grand Valley's mission is to provide support and a hand up to hard-working parents and their children who work  and are not receiving welfare, or housing assistance.

This is a group that tends to fall through the cracks. These are people trying to break the cycle of poverty and doing their best to get ahead.

It's a situation that creates an uncertain future for both parents and their children. HOPE of the Grand Valley aims to help these families create a more predictable and stable environment for their children.

Robin L. Stevens – Owner/Operator, Peterson Plumbing

When I heard that HOPE of the Grand Valley was a hand up instead of a hand out I knew this was something I wanted to be part of. Over the course of my life I have been lucky enough to receive help and opportunity to move forward in my life and it’s a rewarding to know that I can help create that same opportunity for people looking to move forward in their lives.
Keira Bresnahan - PR and Marketing Consultant
Piceance Energy Action Council, Chairwoman

I’m passionate about Hope of the Grand Valley’s mission. I believe in lending a helping hand to those who are already working hard to help themselves. I decided to serve on the board because the people that Hope of the Grand Valley are helping are the people I want to help. I love the fact that as people are receiving assistance from Hope of the Grand Valley they are also being taught valuable life skills for their journey to self-sustainability.
Vicki McGee-Founder HOPE of the Grand Valley
Executive Director

My true passion is for families that are working hard to provide for their children, yet they have little to no support.  I love welcoming new families, and watching them all grow into a community of their own.
Cheri LeFevre, M.Ed., LPC -HOGV Board of Directors Secretary; Life Coaching Consultant

Joined The Board of Directors because she was in strong agreement with the mission and vision to assist low-income families who were working hard and managing to stay off government programs. Cheri felt a passion to lend her skills wherever they were needed by contributing to the Board of Directors, helping with the Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program, and providing practical life skills coaching to strengthen the coping skills of struggling families.
Sue Tuffin, Retired
Human Services

Throughout my 50+ years in a variety of different positions in the Human Services field, I have been blessed to work with a multitude of community organizations which were devoted to providing services to those in need. Hope of the Grand Valley is the only one that is solely committed to providing a hand up to those working families who are striving to remain independent of public assistance and to continue moving forward to stablize their families. As a single mother who worked multiple jobs getting through college, I am well aware how much of a difference a little help and compassion can make when you are striving to hold your life together. I'm honored to be part of an organization such as Hope that truly makes a difference in families' lives.
Rita Crumpton, Retired

I've saved pennies to have enough to buy milk before the next paycheck. I know what it's like to decide whether to buy food or pay the electric bill. I only wish I had had a HOPE of the Grand Valley organization to turn to for a little "nudge" to get over the hump of not enough at the end of the paycheck to make it to the next one. I am honored to be a part of this group of caring folks who truly believe that HOPE can make a difference.
Scott Wittman, Vice President – Timberline Bank

On the board because it is a great organization helping those individuals that are working hard to be independent but because of circumstances beyond their control need a hand.
Nick Snoke | President
FHE | 1597 Cipolla Road | Fruita, CO 81521

Hope of the Grand Valley serves a profound need in the community that is both not obvious and understated just like the people they serve. There are many families who patiently endure hardships that don’t want to be seen as helpless, or needy, or as takers. Instead they work hard every single day for what they have. They make the hard choices and sacrifices to selflessly make their lives better for themselves and their children. They don’t want pity, they simply want to live a life of joy where they aren’t concerned about where they will get the money to pay their medical expenses or to give their children food and clothing. Hope of the Grand Valley addresses this critical need and provides a vital hand-up to those families who temporarily need their assistance in these areas. There will always be a need for Hope of the Grand Valley to serve. I am a believer in their mission and have seen first hand the tremendous blessing they are to our community.