HOPE of the Grand Valley
P.O. Box 532
Fruita, CO  81521​​

​Hope of the Grand Valley provides a hand up, not a hand out; by fostering and encouraging independence for hardworking, low-income families.
Independence includes not receiving public assistance.

This includes budget and life skills coaching, food assistance, emergency support and Christmas for qualified families.

A hand up,
​not a hand out

Donation Drop Off Locations:

Grand Junction:

Grand Villa Assisted Living
2680 N. 15th St
Grand Junction


Robinson Realty
130 E Aspen

Hope of the Grand Valley is currently experiencing a surge in terms of varying needs from the families we serve.

We are embarking on an ever-evolving, exciting, yet challenging venture to better help low-income families pursue healthy, independent lifestyles and are managing to provide more effective and practical services, now more than ever.

However - limited space and minimal funds significantly limits our capacity to make the kind of impact we know is possible.

While our potential is endless, our hands are truly tied by the limited amount of resources we have to work with at this time.

We are now empowering families!
Yet, we are still operating out of a borrowed conference room, Vicki McGee's garage, and hours upon hours of volunteer time, all on an extremely limited and inconsistent funding base.

To strengthen our services and make them even more accessible to those families who are motivated and in need of support, HOGV needs a significant increase in funds from which to operate. To make a more focused effort to do this, we want to secure the following:
- Grant Writers
- Fund Raisers
- Adequate facility in Fruita, CO
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