HOPE of the Grand Valley
P.O. Box 532
Fruita, CO  81521​​
a non-profit organization that offers supportive services for our working under employed with children.


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HOPE of the Grand Valley's mission is to provide support and a hand up to hard-working parents and their children who are not receiving welfare, or housing assistance. This is a group that tends to fall through the cracks. These are people trying to break the cycle of poverty and doing their best to get ahead.
It's a situation that creates an uncertain future for both parents and their children. HOPE of the Grand Valley aims to help these families create a more predictable and stable environment for their children.

HOPE of the Grand Valley

​When you become a HOGV family, we will be offering you special programs to insure you receive all of the support you need.

Our goal is to provide a true hand up for hard working parents with children.​

There is no charge for our programs for qualified applicants

HOPE of the Grand Valley
​A hand up, not a hand out

I heard about Hope of the Grand Valley from a few friends of mine; a couple times this past year. It was during times that I would feel like there wasn't any help out there for people who try to work. I would feel down because I wouldn't qualify for assistance, because I'd make too much. But I'd barely be above the limit. I had been told a few times by the state office, if I wanted help, I'd have to quit working so much or quit one of my jobs. Instead, I told the state I'd work harder and more to be able to provide for my kids. Being a single mom of two young children has its battles.

​​There was a couple times I called Hope and asked for assistance, but then never followed through with it, thinking I could do it on my own. The day I actually called Hope and set an appointment to meet with them changed my life forever. I was at my dad’s house, in tears, I felt like I couldn't move forward, feeling hopeless and ready to send my kids to their grandparents out of state for a little while so I could pull things together. This was because for about the 6th time in a year and a half, I had lost my childcare so I could work to provide. I can't pay what most people require for daycare fees, and do not receive CCAP. I felt like I could no longer do this on my own and there weren’t any other options. Until, I remembered Hope.

​​When I met with the ladies of Hope of the Grand Valley, they were very open, non-judgmental to my situation, and were there to listen and assist. During our budget coaching, they showed me areas to cut my budget, helped prioritize my bills, and gave me educated advice that I never thought I even needed. They also pointed me in directions to go with my work, as I was working two jobs. Then HOPE of the Grand Valley reached out to other resources and assisted me in getting more work, so I could be making a little more money to fit my needs. After leaving my very first meeting with them, I was so excited to go back again! They have now become a huge part of my life; A part of my family, Life long friends. I have an extra level of support I never had before. I don't feel alone. I now know if I am struggling with something, Hope is there and they keep my hope going!

​​I don't feel anymore like I need to give up. Instead, I want to conquer the world even more! Since meeting with them, I now only work one regular job. I was able to quit my overnight job so I am now home every night with my babies. I was able to pick up some new clients in my business, referred by Hope of the Grand Valley, to increase my income, and I have lowered my monthly bills by nearly $500 a month! I still work many hours, as a single parent I still have to make an income for two. The difference now is I am home every night with my babies and most weekends. I have time to feel like I am a parent and a part of my children's life. I am no longer stressed over bills, and I now can be at church nearly every Sunday morning! Something I hardly got to do before when I worked both jobs. I still do work a second job, but I am home with my children as well as another single mom's 3 kids!

​​I now have dreams to help other single parents when I become financially able or have extra time to donate. Being a single parent is a tough job, as you have to be two parents in one; financially, emotionally and physically. Little bits of help, means a world to one! I also have goals to one day be a sponsor for Hope of the Grand Valley, and help as many other people that just need a lift up. I am so grateful to have them in my life and very blessed to have met them!

​​Hope of the Grand Valley saved me from making some decisions, I would have never forgiven myself for. Those decisions would have impacted my family and kids for a very long time. It was decisions that would have been made from desperation. I don't want anyone to ever feel how I felt that day, and I encourage anyone and everyone to reach out to HOPE of the Grand Valley even for just the littlest things. They are wonderful, loving people and they too will LOVE you!