HOPE of the Grand Valley
P.O. Box 532
Fruita, CO  81521​​
HOPE of the Grand Valley's mission is to provide support and a hand up to hard-working parents and their children who work  and are not receiving welfare, or housing assistance.

This is a group that tends to fall through the cracks. These are people trying to break the cycle of poverty and doing their best to get ahead.

It's a situation that creates an uncertain future for both parents and their children. HOPE of the Grand Valley aims to help these families create a more predictable and stable environment for their children.

A  hand up, not a hand out​
a non-profit organization that offers supportive services for our working under employed with children.
Our History

HOPE of the Grand Valley was Founded in 2009 to fill in the gaps in our community.

As the years have gone by it is clear the people in need of our hand UP approach are those that are working tirelessly at their jobs, paying their own way,and doing everything possible to make sure their children have food, shelter and clothing,  but  many times they fall short and a hand up is all they need to move forward.    

​​In 2012  we realized we must help those that are making a little too much for government assistance,  These are people, parents with children with stories that are unique to their own situation.  This is HOPE of the Grand Valley, to make a difference, one family at a time.

​​These families are now the sole focus of HOPE of the Grand Valley. These mom's and dad's that are doing all they can to provide for their families, but fall short. ​ We strive to give a hand UP and Not a hand Out! 

In January of 2013 the realization that we need to do more for these families became apparent. This is why we began our journey to purchase a property that will provide so much more for our working families.  

​​The overall mission of HOPE has evolved over the years, but what has remained constant is the effort to help those already working hard brighten the future of their families. These families may work hard but just aren’t able to make ends meet. They may not want or qualify for any public assistance, yet their need is real and their ultimate level of financial security uncertain.

Through HOPE of the Grand Valley, many of these families will be given the opportunity not only to have a brighter holiday season, but the hope is these individuals will take advantage of new services HOPE plans to make available, including budget coaching, resume and interview prep, and career counseling. HOPE will always be there when emergency situations arise for families, but through providing these more guidance in areas like budgeting and resume building, a clearer path to the future will become realized. This will set these families up to create their own successful outcomes and allow HOPE to continue to focus on those who just need a hand up, not a hand out.